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Protective Hairstyles

Lets talk protective styles today guys. They are not all equal. Some hairstyles are very helpful while others do more damage than help grow and protect your hair. What Is Protective Styling Protective styling is basically styles such as braiding, twist, cornrows and many other hairstyles that keeps you from…

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Big Chop Natural Hair

Big chop, natural hair, natural hairstyles

  A Big Chop is basically cutting all your hair off for a new beginning with your hair journey.  Many women are now embracing their natural hair textures and cutting all their relaxed, chemically processed, dyed hair off so that they can grow their hair naturally.  That number is growing every…

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How To – Detangling Natural Hair


Everyone will agree, detangling natural hair can be a tedious and the most frustrating task on wash days.   Thank God, we can all learn these very simple and easy steps in detangling natural hair and to make the job easier on a wash day.

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Deep Conditioning Natural Hair

  What Is Deep Conditioning? Deep Conditioning is a treatment done to add moisture back into the hair that is lost due to the harsh weather conditions (dry air and wind) and other daily factors.

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10 Tips For A Defined Twist out Hair

The struggle is real when it comes to doing twist out on hair.  One time it comes out perfect and next time is frizzy and dull.  A twist out hairstyle is one of the most popular natural hairstyles.  It is a great hairstyle to help stretch out hair.  We all…

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Hair Growth Tips For Natural Hair

  Sometimes because of our busy lifestyle, we forget to take care of our hair the way that we should. It’s important to include these tips in your hair regimen everyday to get the long, healthy, natural hair that you desire.

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Hot Oil Treatment For Natural Hair

What Is A Hot Oil Treatment And Is It Necessary? A hot oil treatment is pretty much mixing a number of oils. You simply apply the mixture as a mask to your hair, cover your hair with a plastic cap to restore it’s moisture, heal the scalp and help with…

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Natural Hair Discussion

Natural Hair News

Watch this three part natural hair discussion from fellow natural hair women Melissa Harris-Perry, Nicole Ari Parker, Anthea Butler, Curly Nikki and Joan Morgan.

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Pre Poo Regimen

What is a Pre Poo? It’s a mix of oils or one type of oil that is applied to hair, prior to a shampoo wash, to help protect hair from the harsh shampooing process.  It consist of oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil etc.

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Shea Butter For Hair

What is Shea Butter? It’s a yellowish or ivorish colored fat that is extracted from a nut of an African shea tree. The process consist of crushing the nuts to be roasted then grinded, then the oils are separated and cooled to form shea butter.

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Shea Butter Mix

Try this great shea butter recipe that you can make in almost no time. It’s great for twists and braid outs.  You can also use it as a everyday sealant or styler.

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