Protective Hairstyles

Lets talk protective styles today guys. They are not all equal. Some hairstyles are very helpful while others do more damage than help grow and protect your hair.

What Is Protective Styling

Protective styling is basically styles such as braiding, twist, cornrows and many other hairstyles that keeps you from doing hair every day.  Your hair get less manipulation and hence hair is protected and less damage to the hair.  

Also the reason why you would want to do protective styling is to protect your hair from harsh weather conditions such as cold, wind, dust and humidity in the air that can damage your hair in the long run.

 What Are The Benefits Of Protective Styling?

✔Grows your hair if you do the hairstyle properly, meaning choose hairstyles that are less stressful to the scalp and edges

✔Your hair stays moisturized longer.

✔Prevents breakage, tangles and retains length.

✔Some protective hairstyles like wigs, weaves and hair wraps will protect your from dusty places.

 ✔Saves you time especially for people on busy schedules like mums

✔ You can experiment on different hairstyles

✔Saves time especially when on vacation and the last you would want to do is do your hair

Protective Hairstyles That Are Great For Growing Your Hair

Box Braids

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I think box braids all look cute, help to grow our hair and definitely save on a lot of time.  Lets look at small braids vs Medium box braids to Large box braids vs Knotless braids

When it comes to small braids they look cute but you have to pay attention to whoever who is braiding your hair. If they make them too tight, then the hair on the edges will come out with the braids eventually.  Also the tightness on the scalp with stop your hair from growing and cause a lot of scalp damage.

Sometimes regular medium box braids and Large Box braids can get heavy though.  That’s why i would recommend Knotless braids. They are light in weight.

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Flat Twist

Check out this protective flat twist tutorial from SimplYounique on YouTube.  Its super easy and elegant for all occasions.  Hair is moisturized before its flat twisted.

Two Stand Twist

Another great protective hairstyle from iknowlee on YouTube. I just love all  her twists hairstyles she does on her youtube channel. 

Head Wrap

Meagan good. She can do no wrong when it comes to her hair honestly.  When tying you hair with a head wraps make sure your hair is moisturized.  The best thing about head wraps it looks good on short and long hair.  Just be creative on how to tie the wrap. QUICK TIP: You can tie your silk scarf under your cotton scarf tp protect your hair from loosing all the moisture

Faux Locs Styles

Weaves And Wigs

Lets look at the pros and cons of weaves and wigs as a protective hairstyle


       ✔ Less manipulation on hair.

      ✔  Great way to change your look from time to time with for example a              weave/wig/braids of a different color than your hair

       ✔ Hair is protected from harsh weather conditions.


      ✔ You can lose your hair if the weave/braids are too tight.

      ✔ Hair can easily be neglected if its weaved up.

      ✔ Weaves, braid hair and wigs can be costly to buy.

Tools For Protective Styling And Where to buy them

      ✔Braiding Hair / Weaving Hair


      ✔Hair Pins

      ✔Hair Wraps


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