Fenugreek Seeds For Hair Growth

Have you heard of all the craze on fenugreek seeds for hair growth, fenugreek pills for hair growth, fenugreek oil for hair growth ?  Have you ever tried any of them ? Well if you haven’t, please continue reading on and find out all things fenugreek and start growing your hair to its full potential. If you use this everyday➡➡ Yes your hair will grow everywhere.

What is fenugreek?

Fenugreek seed is a ayuverdic herb. Brown in color. Small in size. Texture is hard in its raw natural state and looks like the picture above. It is also know as Methi in india and hulbut in ethiopia.  Its commonly used for meal preparation, to treat joint pain and also for hair growth. Can be used by both adult men and women.

There are a few choices on amazon that sell fenugreek seed oil and pills. Here are a few examples below:

Where to buy Organic fenugreek seeds   ➡➡➡   https://amzn.to/3we0lTQ

Benefits for using fenugreek for your hair
  1. Helps with hair growth and skin
  2. Stop hair from shedding
Natural Fenugreek Seed for hair growth ( Recipe and Instructions )

The video above is after 8 hours in the fridge. I make a small batch so that i can have a fresh batch each time i use the mixture. Feel free to double the ingredients

  • 2 Tablespoon Fenugreek seeds or powder ( i use the seeds )
  • 1 cup Water – The seeds swell up and will absorb all that water

In a mason jar or any container with a lid, mix the water to the fenugreek seeds. Let the seeds soak in the water for 8 hours at room temperature for fermentation. Then store in the fridge. Its as easy as that and its ready to use.

How do i use the water and the seeds prepared ?
  • I drink the water. 1/2 a cup a day. CAUTION..Don’t over drink the water, from experience you might get migraine, bloated stomach and Gas.  You might not experience any of that because all of our bodies are made different. So experiment on how much your stomach can take.
  • I also add the seeds in my oatmeal on days that i don’t drink the water. You can also make a hair mask, face mask, add to your smoothies and salads too. Be creative. Just don’t throw the seeds away.
  • The water might be bitter at first but you will get used to it after sometime. TIP, you can add honey or some juice to sweeten your water. OR just soldier up and hold you nose and drink it like a shot 🤣
  • The water smells like a bitter maple syrup. Some people hate the smell. It doesn’t bother me at all.
  • Your sweat will start to smell like maple syrup 🤣 but you will be happy with the hair growth😊. Don’t worry after you apply your deodorant you wont stink.
  • I have also heard people blend the mixture after it has fermented and drink it.
  • Some people make tea out of it and add honey and lemon.
  • I also use the fenugreek water mixed with oils on my wash days as a rinse and let it sit on my hair for 15 min upto 45 min at times. This has stopped my hair from shedding. What you do is, get the fermented fenugreek water ( i add oils to mine ).⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵
  • Pour in a spray bottle. Then on freshly washed hair, spray the water onto the hair. Massage the scalp for a few minutes.  Cover with a plastic cap and wait for 15 min – 45 min. Then rinse and continue with deep conditioning.  I do the fenugreek rinse to my hair at least once a month.

So which is better the pill, the oil or the seeds ?

From all the research that has been done. Its advised to take the natural raw fenugreek seed. On the nutritional composition stand point you get the most benefits from the soaked and sprouted fenugreek seed.

But I’m thinking lets not eliminate the pill or the oil because most companies make sure they are organic. You just have to do a bit of research and find what’s best for you.

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