Hair Oils For Natural Hair

Hair oils are very instrumental in the overall health of your hair. Your natural hair depends on oils for moisturizing, healing the scalp and sealing moisture in your hair. These oils are naturally obtained from the fatty part of a plants like kennels, nuts and seeds. Best if you buy 100% natural oils and add them to your hair regimen.

Below is a list of a few oils you can use for your hair and their benefits

Coconut Oil For Hair
  • Keeps hair strong.
  • Has a high moisture retaining capacity.  It does not let moisture escape. It keeps hair moistened and soft.
  • Gives hair a nice shine and great for any natural hair style.
  • The fatty acids in coconut oil serve as a very good anti-dandruff agent.
  • Nourishes hair and skin.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Hair
  • Very rich in natural conditioning agent.
  • Infuses moisture to hair and scalp.
  • Great for hair treatments / mask and scalp massages.
  • Repairs damaged dry hair.
  • Works really well in hair when its warm.
  • Reduces dandruff
Jojoba oil
  • Great treatment for alopecia
  • Eliminates frizz on hair
  • Adds shine to the hair
  • Treats dry scalp
Grapeseed Oil
  • Nourishes and conditions scalp. A great option if you are looking for a light oil to seal moisture to your hair
Sweet Almond Oil
  •  Is a great choice for locking moisture into hair strands. High in Vitamin E, which is essential for healthy hair
Hemp Seed Oil
  • Scalp massage with hemp seed oil to promote blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, hemp oil is packed with fatty acids that are necessary for maximizing hair growth
Castor Oil
  • Cleanses impurities from the scalp, nourishes, thickens and moisturizes dry hair, helps tame the frizz. Great for thinning edges.
  • Strengthens, reduces split ends and hair breakage.
  • Stimulates the scalp for new hair growth.
Vitamin E
  • A great antioxidant that enhances blood circulation on your scalp and it promotes the growth of healthy hair.

Essential Oils

These are oils such as Peppermint oil, tea tree oil and lavender oils are great examples. The oils are extracted are steamed from leaves, stems, flowers and roots of plants.  

Essential oils have to be diluted before they are used. They can be strong with smell and potency. 

The best thing to do is add them to more moisturizing oils mentioned above.  Lets look at a few of these essential oils and their benefits to our hair and scalp.

  • Tea tree oil    ✔ great for getting rid of dandruff on your scalp.  Reduces itching on your scalp. Unclogs Hair follicles and stimulates scalp.
  • Lavender oil    ✔ Used for dry scalp and aroma therapy
  • Get a nice fragrance in your other oils by adding a few drops of essential oils.
  • Essentials oils are commonly used to treat scalp conditions.
  • Essential oils are also used as a preservative when making your hair DIY mixtures.


How To Use The Oils In My Hair
  • Use the oils for pre poos and moisturize hair before shampooing
  • Use as scalp massage to repair scalp from itching, dandruff and your thinning edges
  • Use the oils for sealing your hair and retain moisture in your hair.
  • Use for hot oil treatments
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