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Protective Hairstyles

Lets talk protective styles today guys. They are not all equal. Some hairstyles are very helpful while others do more damage than help grow and protect your hair. What Is Protective Styling Protective styling is basically styles such as braiding, twist, cornrows and many other hairstyles that keeps you from…

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Big Chop Natural Hair

Big chop, natural hair, natural hairstyles

  A Big Chop is basically cutting all your hair off for a new beginning with your hair journey.  Many women are now embracing their natural hair textures and cutting all their relaxed, chemically processed, dyed hair off so that they can grow their hair naturally.  That number is growing every…

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Thinning Edges

Are you looking for ways to regrow your edges back?  On this post we can look at why your edges are thinning and how to solve that problem. There are many reasons and remedies for thinning edges.

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Easy Resolutions For Your Natural Hair

The beginning of every year is always another great opportunity to evaluate what’s working and what’s not working for your natural hair.  There are a lot of new things to try with your natural hair, so lets make it a great year naturalistas.  Here are a few ideas to get…

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