Hair Moisturizing

Learning how to moisturize natural hair is very important.  Without proper care it can lead to extremely dry hair, hair breakage, dry scalp and cause the hair to look very dull.  Here are our top 5 big tips to remember when moisturizing your natural hair.

1.  Moisturize With Water

Water is the number one hair moisturizer for your natural hair.  Oils and butters DO NOT moisturize hair with the exception of oils like coconut oil which penetrate the hair shaft.

You need a water based hair moisturizer to properly moisturize your hair. When buying hair moisturizers, look at the back of the bottle.  If water is not among the top 5 ingredients then that’s not the best moisturizer for your hair.

2.  Use Glycerine At The Right Time

Glycerine works great for the summer months to help retain moisture in your hair.  It fails however, to do the same during winter months.  Glycerine is a humectant, that means it attracts moisture from the atmosphere to your hair.  During winter months it tends to pull moisture away from your hair and leaves your hair dry because the atmosphere is very dry.  Glycerine works great during summer times when their’s lots of moisture in the air.

3.  Use The Right Moisturizers

Do not use wash out conditioners as leave-ins or moisturizers.  This will cause your hair and scalp to be very dry and hence cause a lot of breakage.  They are made with ingredients that are meant to be washed out.  Leave ins are a great addition in keeping your hair moisturized the whole day.

4. Use A Water Based Moisturizer

Moisturize hair at least EVERYDAY with a water based moisturizer then seal because natural hair tends to get dry very easily.

5. Seal In The Moisture

Do not forget to seal in moisture with oils and butters such as Olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter etc. This will keep moisture locked in your hair.

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