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As you all know natural hair can shrink up to 70 percent depending on the texture of your natural hair.  It can be very frustrating especially if you want to have a stretched hairstyle.  When your hair is stretched, its less prone to knots and tangles.  Here are a few methods that will help stretch your hair without heat.

Twisting / Braiding

Twists and braids are the most common methods of stretching natural hair. What you do is, you first wash your hair and when its about 70% dry, Apply your leave in, moisturizer and twist or braid then unravel the next day to get pretty twist outs or braid outs.

For more definition and hold, use a Gel while twisting. You can re-twist or braid your hair every night to keep your hair stretched and maintain the style.


This is another method that’s really great especially for your little girls natural hair and its also great as a protective hairstyles.

Get a weaving thread (the type that’s used for weaving hair) and tie your hair in a small pony tail and continue to thread the hair from roots to the ends of the hair, then unravel for a stretched out look.  Check out how Nadine Stretches her daughters hair.


Works almost the same as threading. What you do is, get a section of hair, put it in a ponytail, stretch hair and band, then repeat on each section.


It gives amazing stretched out hair results.  Curlformers come in different sizes so its advisable to get the long ones because your hair will grow overtime.  To get great results, use curlformers on wet or damp hair and also use a setting lotion so that the hair can set well.

stretching natural hair

Flexi Rods:

This is yet another great way of stretching natural hair and get amazing beautiful curls. Wash hair, apply leave in, moisturize and get a section of hair and wrap it around a flexi rod, unravel the next day or when dry.

flexi rods natural hair

Bantu knots:

Can be worn as a protective natural hair style or unravel the bantu knots and get beautiful curls and your hair will be stretched. To get the look: Wash hair, apply leave in, moisturize, two strand twist then coil the hair around in itself at the root. Continue to do so until you form a knot.

bantu knot out natural hair style

Let us know how you keep your hair stretched. 

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