What is Co Washing?

Co washing is washing hair with a moisturizing conditioner  and NOT a shampoo, so that natural oils and moisture are not stripped during the washing process.  It’s also referred to as the  NO POO method.

Co washing natural hair, natural hairHow To Co Wash

Items You,ll Need

  • Moisturizing Conditioner
  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Hair Clips

There are many conditioners that are natural based but a cheapie one will work just as good which you can find at any beauty supply store.  A lot of company’s now are making cleansing conditioners Check out the list HERE


1.  You can start by parting hair into sections.  Wet hair then apply conditioner just as you would a shampoo. Make sure your hair is well saturated and massage the conditioner into scalp and hair.

2.  You can leave it in for 2 to 3 minutes then rinse.  Follow with a deep conditioner ( 15-30 minutes ) rinse and Air dry hair up to about 80% and apply leave in conditioner and style as usual.

3.  If your hair has extreme build up on the scalp and hair because may be you work out often or its product build then you can use a sulfate free shampoo once a week or once a month.  Whatever you feel like will suit your hair regimen then go for it.  Also look into other natural alternatives if you want to eliminate shampoo altogether.

Benefits of Co Washing 

  • After a few weeks of co washing, you will notice the difference of how soft your hair will feel.
  • It keeps hair moisturized and looking healthy, shiny and smooth.
  • Co washing doesn’t dry out hair as a shampoo would, and it cleans the scalp too.
  • Great method to wash hair that’s transitioning from relaxed to natural because hair tends to be very dry and needing moisture.
  • Eliminates frizzy hair because your hair is so soft.  Hair is easy to manage and detangle.

Do you Co wash And Has It Been Helpful ?

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